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Cats Afraid of People?

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I'll admit - I don't have too many cat-owner friends but whenever i go into someone's house and there is a cat, the cat will almost always run and hide while the dog is always on the scene and checking me out. why do cats avoid people??? I'd like to own a cat someday but if it's always going to hide from me, well that's no fun!
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So much of it depends on the cat and how it's brought up. I've found that most cats that were brought up from a young age with love, affection, and attention will be receptive to most all humans. Many cats are brought into the home, not given much attention and sometimes hounded by young children which can make them leary toward strangers. Also, cats that have had a traumatic experience will also be standoffish.

I've known cats to be like you have described but my cat never leaves the room when a new person comes in, but he always needs to sniff a visitor out before they can touch him. And I know of a few other cats that were brought up with alot of attention and they are friendly toward all humans.
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