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Cats Afraid of People?

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I'll admit - I don't have too many cat-owner friends but whenever i go into someone's house and there is a cat, the cat will almost always run and hide while the dog is always on the scene and checking me out. why do cats avoid people??? I'd like to own a cat someday but if it's always going to hide from me, well that's no fun!
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I got Kitty from my sister when she was 7. My sister has 4 children and 2 dogs...Kitty hid all the time at my sister's house. She was nervous and hid when I first got her, but after a while she realized...hey, no kids or dogs! So now, she spends her day following me around and being sociable. But when someone comes over...she checks, and if it's a lot of people or there are kids she hightails it out of there to hide under the bed. I understand. I don't care if she likes the visitors, so long as she likes ME.

I just wanted to add this since I think it's wonderful when people adopt adult cats. Everyone wants a kitten, but adults need homes too.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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