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Cats Afraid of People?

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I'll admit - I don't have too many cat-owner friends but whenever i go into someone's house and there is a cat, the cat will almost always run and hide while the dog is always on the scene and checking me out. why do cats avoid people??? I'd like to own a cat someday but if it's always going to hide from me, well that's no fun!
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I have to say, in my opinion, it really depends on the individual cat and it's previous experiances with people. My cat Ashley was abused before we got her, and if anyone comes over, she hides the ENTIRE time. Gaylord, on the other hand, runs to meet people at the door, and meows at them, smells them, climbs all over them, no matter who it is. I have had Gaylord since he was a baby, and he has never met anyone that was mean to him, so he assumes everyone is his best buddy 8) Some friends of ours have a 1 year old cat that they hae had her whole life, and she is also very outgoing. They always have loud parties at their place, and Tinkerbell can often be found curled up on top of a speaker that is going at full volume!! :lol:
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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