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So I'm looking to add some plants to my house. I have one cat and I am aware that cats like to chew on plants.

My biggest concern is toxic plants. I did some research and found a list of plants that are said to be air purifiers and are safe for cats. Can anyone confirm this list?

Areca Palm
Lady Palm
Bamboo Palm
Rubber Plant (Mixed answers on this one)
Dwarf date Palm
Boston Fern
Gerbera Daisy
Parlor Palm
Wax Bergonia
Prayer Plant
Dwarf Banana
Dendrobium Orchid
Spider Plant
Peacock Plant
Moth Orchid

And for anyone who has both house plants and cats, any advice on keeping the cats from chewing on plants or minimizing the chewing? Are there any safe plants that cats would not like to chew on? I'm ok with a little bit of nibbling as long is it doesn't kill the plant or hurt the cat, and I certainly don't want my cat to eat the entire plant! We have a few high spots in the house but most are too high to reach and will make watering difficult.

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I've been through this recently too, both with indoor and outdoor plants, and found that way more plants are toxic to cats than not. Even common houseplants like rhododendron and scheffeleras are toxic. I decided fake plants are the way to go. In the backyard I planted some real catnip, which we know is okay (and of course, Murphy couldn't care less about), and the rest are fake. Oh well, they won't die and I don't have to worry about it!

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I know that the Amaryllis is poisonous to cats, we had some at my parents house and my cat would pretty much leave them alone. Although, I blamed the plants for her getting sick a couple times, I'm pretty sure my mom would pick her plants over the cat (not that she doesn't love Thelma tons, but plants don't puke on the floor).

I have a bromeliad that I got before I decided to take the plunge into getting a cat. I haven't seen it listed anywhere as toxic to cats and I haven't been able to totally keep him away. Martin likes to investigate it but can't get too into it because the stand its on doesn't have much cat room. So far, it hasn't been a major problem. **knock on wood**

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Hi there! I tend to use the list from the ASPCA for checking out new plants - and all the ones you asked about are on their "non-toxic" list. ASPCA | Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants for keeping them out of the plants, I have two spider plants at their level that I am willing to sacrifice for the good of the rest of them. The spider's tend to have a catnip-like affect on the cats so be warned lol.

As for the plants on the toxic list - I do have a couple. Hibiscus & Kalanchloe. My one girl Kisa loves (and I do mean loves) chewing on the hibiscus. The most it's ever done is make her puke a little. According to the ASPCA's site it may give them slightly upset tummy, it would take a lot to do any real damage to my kitty. On the other hand - azaleas are so deadly one little leaf can kill so I won't even bring it in my house. When looking at the toxic plant list remember there are differing degrees of toxicity and not all plants will kill your pet - some may just give enough of a belly ache to keep your cats away.

On your list, I have rubber plants, orchids, and spider plants. They pretty much ignore the first two, but the spiders get chewed. Alot. I have to turn them so they at least get chewed evenly lol. I actually don't mind, they breed so prolificly I can replace them as fast as the cats can chew. Another idea is you can grow a bit of oat grass or lettuce for them to chew which in theory will save the ones you want to keep. In my experience - it won't work, they know you want them to eat that one so they ignore it lol

Feel free to pm me anytime with plant/cat questions! It can be frustrating, but they can live together in harmony :)
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