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Cats: attachment, cleaning, general weirdness lol

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Why do cats wash each other? my two are litter brothers, and always do this, and very often, they'll wash each other then start biting each other, then going back to washing each other, then fighting...all in the middle of a washing session. Lol, strange cats...

Also, how attached to they get to each other? If they've been with each other since they were babies, if one were to die, how would the other one cope? Do cats become very fond of each other like humans do?
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Cats cleaning each other is a bonding experience, and the biting is playful thing, your cats are probably young and playful... as for attachment, a lot of cats are quite close, if one dies they may go from room to room calling, acting less like them self; not eating, wanting more attention, sleeping more, sometimes for days or months... sometimes they hardly react at all. Cats, like people, all react differently.
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