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I went to the farm today to clean the barn. A few minutes after I got there a very hyper acting Storm came up to me.

He started meowing at me and clawing my leg, trying to do everything he could to make me follow him. So I did and he led me outside, or tried to lead me. Can't cats realize that we don't fit through holes like they do? Sorry Storm, but I can't fit through that 6 inch hole in the wall or crawl under that fence like you can.

He led me to a dead cow and was quite pleased with himself.

"See mommy, I got us some food. Now you can get lots of meat" - Storm

"Storm I don't think that's something you want to eat. That's not ours anyway and we don't know how it died. I think someone is going to come pick it up soon" - me

"Well then if you don't want it I'm gonna try eat it." *climbs on top of the cow and tries to get into the cow by clawing it* - Storm

Trust me, he wasn't very pleased with me when I carried him back into the barn. After all he was SURE it was his. I think its every cats dream to eat 1000+ pounds of meat and have it all to themselves! Luckily for me the dead stock truck came to get rid of the cow a few minutes after I took Storm back in. Else I don't think I could have left him without locking him up somewhere, I think if I hadn't grapped him he would have had a feast (or gone back once I left)!

Personally, I can't quite believe he realized that the cow meant meat :lol: Though I'm sure that he was thinking all that!
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