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Cats eating rats!

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Please help! I am a novice cat owner. I have a two year old male (neutered) Maine ****-type cat that showed up as a stray over a year ago. He decided to move in with me and my two terriers. He is a great cat, quite a character. He is an inside/outside cat, because I have a pet door for the dogs and also if I tried to keep him in he yowls and drives me nuts. I suppose that is because he was a stray and used to living outdoors.

Anyway...the problem is that he has taken to killing rats, and more recently, EATING them!! He has kept them outside until the other day when I came home to find some innards of some sort in the living room. Outside, I found the flattened, decapitated body of a rat. Yuck!

I normally only feed Joey a high quality dry cat food. Could his rat-eating be due to his need for fresh meat? I sometimes give him tuna, but maybe not enough. Is there anything I can feed him to prevent the rat eating? Please, any suggestions will be appreciated!

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Yeah, maybe he'll just grow out of it as he fully adjusts to "pet" life. All of my cats have hunted strange creatures. Just check him often for cuts and bites that he may have gotten from rats etc. You don't want him contracting a disease from any of these critters. Good luck with him. Oh, I have a female Maine **** too. :D
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