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Cats eating rats!

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Please help! I am a novice cat owner. I have a two year old male (neutered) Maine ****-type cat that showed up as a stray over a year ago. He decided to move in with me and my two terriers. He is a great cat, quite a character. He is an inside/outside cat, because I have a pet door for the dogs and also if I tried to keep him in he yowls and drives me nuts. I suppose that is because he was a stray and used to living outdoors.

Anyway...the problem is that he has taken to killing rats, and more recently, EATING them!! He has kept them outside until the other day when I came home to find some innards of some sort in the living room. Outside, I found the flattened, decapitated body of a rat. Yuck!

I normally only feed Joey a high quality dry cat food. Could his rat-eating be due to his need for fresh meat? I sometimes give him tuna, but maybe not enough. Is there anything I can feed him to prevent the rat eating? Please, any suggestions will be appreciated!

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Thanks for the replies.
For the past few days there have been a couple of those large, mean, black, yellow and white birds (?) squawking loudly outside from morning through night. They are very aggressive and swoop and terrorize my dogs and Joey the cat whenever they go outdoors. I imagine they have a nest in one of the trees. it is quiet. I went outside to find one of the birds decapitated and lying in the bark. Joey strikes again!!

He is really a friendly cat, and was neutered when he showed up at my house, so may have belonged to someone but decided to stay here. I don't know. I advertised to find his home and no one claimed him. Everyone who comes to my house just loves him, he is so social and a great big love bug. He is also huge, as Maine Coons are.

I may well try feeding him tuna for a while, to see if it curbs his appetite for eating his prey. It wouldn't be as bad if he didn't eat them. Bleh! :?

Thanks again. I will ask you experienced owners the next time I have another confusing cat behavior!
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Thanks again for your information.

Being that this is my first ever cat, I am learning each day. I have had dogs my whole life, but always wanted a cat.

I thought that tuna would be a safe bet for Joey, being that it is "safe" for human consumption and is just fish. Looks like I will have to give away the 10 cans I bought for him yesterday! Oh well.... :lol:

I will see if I can find a decent canned cat food, although I am very wary about any commercial pet foods - too much rendered yuck. Seems the industry is using our pets as living garbage disposals!

Update: rat head in the dining room. I don't know how much of this I can take! :eek:
Thanks for the support, all!
Hello - I live in Carmichael, near Ancil Hoffman park. There is a Western Feed here in the area, too. I don't know what brands are good.

I would make Joey food myself, but am a vegetarian and don't like to buy raw meats and wouldn't be able to stomach cooking it! I cook for the dogs (some veg stuff) but know that cats need meat (or so I have learned!) I hope that feeding him canned food will help.

There are two rats and one bird in the trash, just from the last few days!

I checked out your site. It's great. One day I may be a cat expert! Joey is a good beginners' cat (despite his murderous habits!)

I would post his picture someplace, but can't quite figure out how - will work on it. :D


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