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Cats eye

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My rescued 13 y/o female cats eye seems to have an infection of some sort.
I noticed some white stuff on her eye, so I wiped it off, and when I opened her eye doing this, her eye was hidden behind thick skin. I opened the other to see if this was normal, and the other opened just fine.
Because it's a weekend, my cat vet isn't open. I was wondering if you think it can wait til Monday, or should I trya nd make an appointment with another vet asap? 'm gone all day Monday, and Tuesday is homework day/night... I'm pretty busy.. What should I do?
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Until you can get her to a vet (asap), you can use a sterile compress made with cooled tea. Hold it against the eye for several minutes three times a day. This is according to a veterinary site. However, it is essential to get her to the vet in case of chlamydia or the herpes virus. Wash your hands thoroughly before AND after treating the cat. An eye infection can be an early symptom of serious ailments.,75.html
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