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I'm new to this forum, and could really use some advice and perspective on having my cats in a new place.

I moved on Wednesday, and my cats are very anxious to go outside here. One in particular -- Oliver, 2 yrs old -- is upset that he can't go outside as he's used to. He's agitated or, alternatively, bored, and frankly I feel sorry for him, and guilty.

My old place was not as nice as this one, but it had the advantage of a big 2nd floor balcony. From their my cats, especially Oliver, could jump up onto the house's roof, and from there onto the roof of a garage next door, which had earth on top and even some small bushes on top. It was nice -- almost a large, outdoor cage. Both of my cats got down from there at times, but never for very long, and never lately.

Oliver hung out there for hours in the good weather. My other cat, Sophie (3-yr old female) is much more of a homebody who always lays close to me. But Oliver has always been an explorer, always on the prowl, and he's clearly unhappy about being penned in here.

But my new place is much more suburban, with more traffic around, and a smaller yard. It has a fence around, but nothing Oliver couldn't get through in places if he wanted.

And this apartment is much bigger, more carpeted, cleaner, so less for Oliver to go around hunting for. I'm keeping the garage door open, so he can go in and explore, but he is unhappy, wants to go out, is clinging to a window I have open, meowing loudly out of unhappiness. He just looks depressed.

And I can understand his unhappiness. I miss some parts of my old place too, where in the summer (in Oregon) I kept the doors and windows open, and it had more sun and wind. More light and warmth. And that's gone for now.

Frankly I'd prefer they didn't go outside at all. But it hardly seems fair to deny them that now. I do hope to buy a place of my own in another year, which will be less suburban with more outside space, less worrisome space. I've always heard that you can't let a cat out too early in a new place, lest they get lost or confused and don't come back.

But their unhappiness -- especially Oliver's -- is so apparent I feel bad.

Any advice, or lessons from the experience of others? I could really use some.

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