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Francis M. Pottenger, Jr., M.D., along with Alvin Ford, conducted a 10-year
landmark" study starting in 1932. The study was done under the strictest scientific
standards. They took approximately nine hundred cats and split them into
groups. Six hundred of the cats had complete medical histories. Medical
observations were recorded on all of the cats. All the cats were kept outdoors in
large pens. The groups had the same conditions except that one group was fed
raw milk, raw meat and cod liver oil, while the other group had the same meat,
but cooked, pasteurized milk, and the same cod liver oil. The cats fed with raw
food (hereafter referred to as ‘raw food cats’) remained healthy throughout the
generations. The cats fed with cooked food (hereafter referred to as ‘cooked
food cats’) were unable to reproduce after the third generation. Therefore,
there were no fourth generation cats fed on cooked food to continue the study.
The raw food cats:
· Were resistant to infections, fleas and parasites.
· Had no changes in skeletal tissue or fur.
· Manifested friendly and predictable mental states.
· Had no trouble birthing or nursing.
The cooked food cats:
· Were not resistant to infections, fleas and parasites.
· Had unfavorable changes in skeletal tissue and fur.
· Suffered from heart problems, nearsightedness, farsightedness,
underactivity or inflammation of the thyroid and bladder, arthritis and
inflammation of the joints, inflammation of the nervous system with paralysis and
meningitis, and infections of the kidney, bones, liver, testes and ovaries.
· Showed much more irritability than the raw food cats, were
unpredictable, bit and scratched. The males had a drop in sexual interest and
same-sex sexual activities were observed. (These sexual behaviors were not
observed in the raw food cats.)

The symptoms of the cats fed on 100 percent cooked foods sounds very
much like those that our society is experiencing today, do they not? Fertility
drugs and doctors specializing in fertility are a growing and very profitable
business. I believe infertility is mostly related to improper diet and lifestyle
More details on this study can be found in the book, Pottenger’s Cats by
Francis M. Pottenger, Jr., M.D.
My poor little 7 months old cat (just adopted 2 days ago, she's lovely and I'm going to cure her heart condition) has a 3rd degree heart condition and I believe its due to the fact its parents, parents were fed cooked processed food, I mean when you look at the packaging of the top marketing brands they have 4% meat derivatives (which could be eye balls and crap) and the rest is sugars and grains enriched in fortified vitamins which isn't natural, why cook food for an animal that was created to eat raw food? Same goes for humans IMO. Processing any food is satan's work, no wonder humans have more illnesses than ever before.

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I would just like to say that while feeding a raw diet is certainly a good idea, and is good for the cats when done correctly, it is not a miracle cure.

My Doran has a fairly decent heart murmur. I'm not expecting his diet to be able to cure a congenital heart defect. What it IS doing is giving him the strength of muscle he needs to keep the rest of his body strong. I feel it gives him the best chance, but it doesn't eliminate the risk.

I'm not saying don't switch, I'm just saying don't set your sights too high.

I hope your kitty does well on the raw diet!

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these studies did little to advance raw feeding in cats for two reason;
- the cats health were compromised by the lack of Taurine in cooked meat.
(thus all commercial cat foods have additional Taurine suppliments)
- milk is not a useful source of nutrition for cats beyond adolescence,
and many adult cats do not have sufficient amounts of the enzyme lactase
to aid in milk's proper digestion.

Pottenger did not take into account these Taurine & Lactase factors,
so his studies are flawed and conclusions useless by todays standards.

It should be noted that raw milk is excellent for humans living near a farm,
but impractical for the rest of us.
many raw milk benefits are in Kefir which is easier to buy commercially.

I'm not trying to debate the raw vs. commercial food issue (I use both),
I'm simply pointing out that your cut&paste was taken out of context.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11.05.2009

Some people are tempted to opt out of the modern industrial food system altogether. But doing so can put them at risk of the very diseases that were banished from the food supply decades ago.

Concerned about health, Ms. Tardiff, the California nurse, bought organic and less processed foods whenever possible. She decided to try raw milk, believing the unpasteurized product would supply helpful organisms.

Instead, she got a dose of an unhelpful germ: campylobacter, easily killed by pasteurization. The ensuing intestinal illness caused a debilitating nerve disease. Ms. Tardiff communicated by blinking for months, and still cannot stand or use her hands.

“This has been life-altering,” she said. “All I want to say is, ‘Be careful.’ ”
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