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I am heart broken.
I have four cats which I am so close to. Some co-workers surprised (really surprised in negative way) me with this puppy on my last day at my old job about six months ago. --i don't believe giving animals as gift

anyway, the cats were okay with him because he is pretty submissive. two months ago, i got myself a puppy, only 8 weeks old. this one is a different story. Very dominant. The sweetest but very tough towards my four cats and the other dog.

Since the girl dog came, two of my cats are unhappy. One started peeing everywhere, the other one hides where the dog can't reach. All four cats used to sleep on my bed (and I am allergic to cats...imagine how my nose and eyes are like every morning) now no one sleeps with me. because the puppy is on the floor in my room.

I am training the dogs to behave and it's been working better. I put the dogs outside for at least a couple of hours so that I can stay with my cats alone. They are still not too happy. anyone has similar problems???

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I don't have any dogs, but I just wanted to tell you that I read in a magazine that if you have too many animals in one house that they will feel crowded and start to act out--for example--peeing on the floor.

I was offered another Himalayan--but I'm so afraid to take him because I don't want my other 3 cats to feel overcrowed and make a mess of my apartment. I guess if I had a BIG house, I'd have taken him by now. :D
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