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So here's my issue. My male cat isn't playing nice. The female plays normal, but the male has gotten more aggressive. He has a bad habit of biting her spine. He'll just get up, walk over to her, and bite her spine. It happens when she tries to play with him too. I don't get it. Is he being dominate or is it a type of re-directed aggression? I take extremely good care of them so he shouldn't be upset about anything. Maybe spoiled.

At first they would play fine, but after moving a couple times he has turned into a grump. I hate the sounds she makes when he jumps on her, it's like turkey gobbles. My old roommate's male cat would make the same gobble sounds when my cat would bite his spine. We had to put a shirt on him because he developed a sore on his back after my cat bit him. My female kitty hasn't shown any signs of battle wounds which is good.

Would getting a 3rd dominant cat help?

He was neutered at about 8 months old but he still seems to act like he has a lot of testosterone. Maybe I should give him a sex change. Sheesh.


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