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This may sound crazy but...
Cats seem to have no need for saying nouns. Cats seem to understand the adjectives "open and closed" though I have not detected their use of those words. Cats do not seem to pass word use back and forth nor do they pass words from one generation to the next. Their communication skills appear to be more than 50 percent nonverbal. I seems that most if not all Cat words are adjective or verb-like in nature.

Cats do not speak English. They speak all human languages and no human languages at the same time. In order to imagine like a cat you have to imagine that you are not a human. I understand this is only hypothetical. They speak on a level of subconscious mental symbols combined with specific body language. Humans are capable of doing this. We did it for fun as children. We do something like that with the game called "charades." Cats can not gesticulate like humans. Cats do not have high level languages like humans. They mostly speak in short directives. I suspect they are not wired for two way communication. This may only be my ignorance. I am experimenting with my cat by talking to it in "Catuman." [If it ever becomes popular just remember I invented that word!] Cats speak three types of languages [even though it is still all cat]. 1. Cat to other non human animals 2. Cat to Cat 3. Cat to Human or as I refer to it..."Catuman."

My current theory is that "Catuman" evolved as a result of the cat's need to motivate the human. Since humans are generally ethnocentric...there never evolved a complete two way communication set. If the owner does what they are told the cat has succeeded. Silent or nonverbal cats are either ignored or were never encouraged or elect not to talk. I believe if a cat is will talk. The basics of the language appear to be hard wired (genotypical). I am testing to see if cats assemble new words based on phenotypical interactions. I doubt this very seriously. They probably have a fixed vocabulary. If they do not...this could mean that humans could communicate with cats on a third level! I however believe their learning is geared another way. Before humans learn a language they still communicate. Every mother knows what a baby means when it points to an object it can't reach and says, MAH MUH! MAH MUH! When the dad asks, "So what does the kid want honey?" This is comparable to the owner who can't figure out what his cat wants. The mother who says, "He wants his bottle dear," is an example of an attentive pet owner.

This is not a complete list of words.

Primal Sounds:
1. The hard HHSSS sound.
2. The low guttural growl.
3. The female mating sound.
4. The male mating sound
5. The female sex sound. (The scream)
6. The combat sound.
7. The kitten mewing.

Catuman [the language] is composed of:
1. Long vowel sound E (A, I, O, and U are missing) Example: sEEm
2. Short vowel sound I Example: pIp
3. The OW sound.
4. The consonants M, P, and Y.
5. UH is used to end certain words.

Use of tone type and length:
Capital means increased volume of tone.
Repeat letter means increased duration of tone.
meyip = one short tone. (Used as a prefix)
mEow = one long tone (This is like "Look with Eyes" + "Attention")
OOOW= one loud tone. (Said just like we do.) (Suffix used to stress other words)
mEE(long vowel E)-YOW=one compound tone. (meaning unidentified yet)
mi(short vowel I)-YOW=one compound tone (The first word I identified)

List and Interpretation of Catuman Words I have Identified:

1a. HEY LOOK/HI means "HELLO!" (I recognize you!) Running across the lawn happy to see you. (mi-YOW meyip meyip mEow)

1b. HI! (This is casual just like the human "hi!"mi(short)-YOW.) The short hello after communications are established.

2a. HEY LOOK! While near the object. This is generally two short tones followed by a long tone. (meyip meyip mEow) LOOK! The long tone is generally said again.(mEow) This whole series will be repeated until you do what the cat wants.

2b. HEY LOOK/HI/DESPERATE means "QUICK! COME HERE! LOOK (AT THIS) NOW!" Getting you to go to the object. Any combination of (mi-YOW meyip meyip mEow and OOOW)

2c. LOOK/DESPERATE means "LOOK (AT THIS) NOW!" Example: Used at the front door to indicate entry. At the object. Semi-desperate. (mEow ... OOOW) Notice the Pause. Use may vary.

3. HEY/YEP! (One short tone: meyip) This is said with a snapping of the head backwards. The cat is generally but not always laying and extremely relaxed. It appears to be an affirmative of some sort. "I got what I want/everything's alright/I am okay." This is also very similar to the dog word "yup."

4. "I am defining my environment to you!" Certain abstract and very long sentences spoken not in the desperate way of 2b. but rather more relaxed. I believe this is the only occurrence of a cat conceptualizing.

5. I LOVE YOU! This is a specific eerie sounding middle tone meow sometimes followed by the head butt and/or kneading. It always sounds the same and different from any other word. You will recognize it because it is said not that much. You will recognize it because it has a faint added sound like the cat is "gargling."

6. I DON'T FEEL GOOD/SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT/I HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM/LET ME OUT/LET ME IN! Continually repeating this (mE-YOW mEE-YOW mE-YOW mEE-YOW) The cat is desperate at this point and has no time to use the more relaxed words. There is probably an urgent biological need associated with the words. If it is the mode LET ME OUT/LET ME IN don't be surprised it the cat adds pawing at the door. They are not stupid.

7. The continual series of (YOW...YOW...YOW...YOW) is like a crying to express unfulfilled needs or barred entrance or exit. I do not think this is a word but rather a word fragment.

Cats are saying something. There is a pattern. Cats are believed to have 1,500 individual word combinations. I would like to believe I have I identified 8 obvious phrases. I only used my cat and have not compared of contrasted between other cats.

I have never heard a cat say "meyip meyip meyip" or "Mee." They just don't do that.
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