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Do not reply to me. Please contact [email protected] [Corrina @] or call the shelter at 908-725-0308.
Thank you.

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Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2005 16:25:27 EDT


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Subj: Barn Homes Needed - Central NJ
Date: 8/15/2005 1:26:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time
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Subject: [Friends_of_SRAS] Barn Homes Needed

We are overloaded with barn cats and need to find them homes asap. We
are looking for barn homes for some of our semi-feral cats. If you live
in a rural location and have a barn, or similar building, even a shed,
and are interested in a barn cat (they do better in pairs) please
contact me via email at [email protected] [mailto:Corrina @]
or call the shelter at 908-725-0308.

Some cats cannot be socialized for indoor living, yet they deserve a
safe environment and basic care including food and shelter. A farm
doesn't seem complete without barn cats to control the rodent
population. All of our cats are neutered and spayed, tested negative for
FIV and FeLV, and up to date on their immunizations. If you are
interested or if you know anybody who would be interested, please
contact the shelter and we will let you know what we have available.
Thank you for considering this type of rescue, the cats will
earn their keep.

--Corrina, SRAS Manager

Somerset Regional Animal Shelter

Bridgewater, NJ 08807

Volunteers are welcome 7 days a week for the care of our animals. Hours
vary, but staff is usually there by 9 AM.
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