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I have a 2 year-old fuzzy princess named Cleo. Cleo is usually energetic, playful and loving. 2 days ago she threw up after eating some cat grass and then threw up all water and food she consumed over the course of the day. I took her to the vet yesterday. There were no signs of blockage or any other issues they could see so they gave her a shot of Cerenia and told me to give it another day and come back if nothing has changed. Since the vet visit (just under 24 hours ago) she has barely moved. Not to eat, not to drink, not to go to the box. She still purrs when I pet her but otherwise non-responsive. I'm about to take her back to the vet for blood work and other testing but I also would like to see if anybody on here has had any similar situations and can offer advice or suggestions. Anything would help my worried mind.

Thank you!
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