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An infection can be deadly. A previous cat I use to have, named Merlin, died from complications of such an infection. We never realized where the infection was until the damage had progressed too far. We took him to the vet, because he lost interest in eating and basically didn't look or act healthy. They gave him a full checkup, and provided us with a sheet of paper indicating everything they checked. The toes were included (that's another story, but I think they just checked it off without checking). They did diagnosis it as an infection and provided us with antibiotics.

A few days later he seemed to be getting progressively worse. That's when we noticed a bleeding from in between a couple of toes. A closer inspection revealed a puffiness and a small open sore. We took him back to the vet, and they identified it as the source of the infection. They scheduled surgery for the next day. That night he went blind, and was losing his balance. The following morning before his appointment he died.

It seems for a long time, we felt so responsible for not noting his wound earlier. If we had only known.

Fortunately you know of the wound. Knowing though, is only advantageous if he gets proper attention early.

I'm not saying the same thing will happen to your kitty. I just felt it worth sharing.
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