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Don't know starting from when, Cheetah just quit chewing bones, and now chicken hearts. He has been on raw diet since 4 months old (he is not 16 months) and has not been a big fan of bones. He has never eaten a chicken neck.

So in the past month or so, he just quit chewing chicken wing tips. He will pick out every piece of chicken bones in the meal. He will eat all the quail bones most of time. I put some calcium powder in the homemade meals, so he should have enough calcium. I also feed him Rad Cat, which is ground meat, so he has been doing okay even he does not eat chicken wings.

Now he quit eating chicken hearts, I cut the hearts into 3 pieces and he used to eat it and now he doesn't. But he will chew big pieces ( about 1 inch x 1 inch x 1/2 inch) of pork or chicken meat.

How should I start training him back to chewing chicken hearts and chicken wings? I not only want him to eat it, but too chew it and build up jaw strength.
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