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hi all, my cat yangyang been diagnosed with lymphoma, the vet did cut off the mass near her anus, and suggested to let her go under a low dise of chemo n supplements to booast her immune system.

the vet gave her a shot of Vincristine sulfate (i think its 0.05mg) n ask us to give her one leukeran tablet everyday.

what the vet says is coz of the very low dosage, the side effect she will experience the most is bit tiredness on the first shot day, yang didnt hav a problem with that, but on the next day, we gave her the leukeran tab in the morning, and ard evening time she starts to vomit, and it goes on for days.

i hav some questions for owners whom have experienced this chemo treatment:

1) does ur pet react well to this two meds? vincristine n leukeran?

2) if i opt for just the vincristine shot, does it still work effectively or zero effectiveness without the leukeran?

3) i hav heard chemo drugs destroy good cells as well as bad ones, if i stop after 1 session, will the toxic worn off gradually or it will stay forever n keep creating damages in the pets body?

welcome to share any other advice or experience, thanks!
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