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Hi again, I was going to post this in health but thought I would I would just do it now.
So I hope you have a coffee and are comfy,
My chester was born on 22 Feb 2006 at home. We adopted his mother, or rather she adopted us when we moved into a new house.
It was love at first sight. he was the cutest little thing ever. totally grey with some light stripes. he and momma lived in our bedroom and by 3 weeks he was climbing up on our bed once the light were turned off.
In 2010 we moved to Dubai and brought Chester and Mustan (momma cat) with us. it was a long and awful flight for them both. flight was due to land at 11 but was late and after clearing customs they arrived at 4 am to our apartment, stinking! after a bath we all finally got to sleep.
So we all lived happily ever after? with 2 new beautiful stray to add to our family we almost did.
23 Dec 2011 midnight I opened the door the call the cats in and chester way laying there on the doorstep in a heap, looking up at me but unable to move.
Thankfully the vet has an emergency number (trust me that is amazing considering some of the places I have lived)
we headed down there and after what seemed like hours the vet showed us his ex-rays. He had a broken pelvis and the other side was a dislocated hip.
on the 26 Dec he had surgery to fix his dislocated hip.
The vet was still unsure if he would fully recover. He did say that on of the 4 main nerves in that hip was severed. All his muscles on that side were also torn. he also had very little response to a pin prick in his back end.
So after 6 days he should be weight bering on that leg but nope, it was sticking out at a funny angle. He also decided not to eat or poop. the vet and the nurses couldn't even force feed him. I managed to get a few dry biscuits into him and started to go in morning and afternoon to force him to eat.
2 days later the vet suggested I take him home and see if that helps.
Well yes it has he has finally pooped and is starting to eat after gentle persuasion.
Now he has a blocked nose and is sneezing. the vet thinks it is just a cold. he did blood tests and all levels look normal.
he still can't walk but stands long enough to use the litter tray. I still need to support his body though.
So now we are waiting and waiting. He is not feeling so great today and hasn't eaten much. but that's to be expected after such trauma.
I look forward to hearing from anyone with their ideas or opinions. He seems happy enough and is purring again but it hard not to be worried. thanks for listening. D

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Oh, my goodness, that's so sad!! I'm so glad he has someone that will go to such lengths to make him comfortable!! I haven't even had to deal with worms with my kitty so I don't even know where to begin with you. :( Hopefully someone with more experience can give you a good, clear answer and help you out as best they can!! Do you know how he got hurt in the first place? Fall or what? :( If it's a cold, I would suggest to just keep him warm and comfortable as best you can. Maybe try and get some vitamins from your vet to mix into some wet food or something, just to help boost his immune system.
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