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chicken murder

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So Otis will probably end up being an inside/outside cat. I hope I don't get flamed for that...

Anyways, in the spring I plan on getting chickens. I have 'planned' on getting them for three years now but this time it looks...promising?

So here is my question. If I start feeding her whole baby chicks, will she become a chicken murderer? Will I be creating a monster?

What do you think?
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Maybe. Lol I would suggest keeping any baby chicks caged till big enough to stand up to the lil monster. :p

Also never feeding live will help.

Plenty of people on here have indoor cats as well as outdoor cats and indoor outdoor cats. :)
Oh, but make sure you do not declaw and DO spay if she is to be an indoor outdoor kitty. Sorry for double post, I am on my phone and editing a post is annoying on this thing.
Well, it seems logical that if you teach the cat that chicks are food...and there are chicks to be's gonna eat them...
It's possible that she will not be able to associate the chick to the food chick. Of COURSE the chicken is going to be on radar for her (natural) but she won't specifically go after chicks because that's what she eats at home. That is, if you plan on giving her just the meat without feathers/etc.

My folks have chickens (bantams and about 19 of them) and they're in a very large caged "coop" that they created. Ody is fascinated by them, but never tries to go inside. He is an indoor only cat and only goes outside while on his leash so that might make a difference.

Are you planning on letting your chickens run around?
I plan on only getting female chickens so they won't be having babies. When they are adults, I will see how they do free range. If I lose too many from hawks, I will have to use a chicken tractor :( and I hope a grown chicken can hold her own against Otis
My friend has three hens, three dogs, and three indoor-outdoor cats and one squirrel. She feeds the dogs and cats regular canned food.
None of her cats have ever gone after her chickens, but they do go after (and kill) birds and squirrels. So, as long as your chickens can more or less defend themselves, I don't think you'll have a problem.
On the other side of the coin, I feed my feral cat colony canned Friskies which I keep in a gas oven (keeps it a little above room temperature). Every morning I get out four cans in full sight of Ritz. She doesn't connect the canned food with the raw food I feed her.
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