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Claws aren't retracting

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I have 4 cats; two of which are older cats (18 & 15 years old).

Since they've gotten older, I've noticed that their front claws aren't retracting all the way. Most of my house has hard wood floors, so it doesn't seem like much of a problem, but we do have one room that has carpet and any time they walk across it, their claws get caught. The same thing also happens when they're walking across the furnuture. They both have arthritis so I'm really worried that they'll get stuck and hurt themselves trying to get free.

I did a quick search on line and on this forum and didn't see anything about it. But since it's happened to both of my cats, I thought it would be fairly common.

Is there anything I could do to keep them from getting stuck on things? Should I clip their claws?

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Yeah my cat's arn't very happy when I trim their claws, but they don't stay mad at me for long. Gizmo (my older cat) usually sits calmly and passive, as I've trimmed his claws regularly since he was a kitten, but sometimes he gets mad and attempts to bite, Orion my kitten, squirms something fierce, so I have to hold him really tight, and he yowls making it sound like I'm murdering him lol
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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