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Does anyone use it?

Brody (dog) has always had skin issues. They've gotten so much better since being on a raw diet but it seems like late Fall into early Winter are still trouble for her. She's just an itchy thing... I don't think I had big problems last year but this year is bad. She's been scratching constantly and the backs of her front legs are red, irritated and swollen. I found a quarter sized scab on the side of her neck on Thursday. Had her at work with me on Friday and shaved it, discovered two scabby areas. She does typically get pretty bad clipper burn (had a horrible break out rash last time we shaved her to donate blood!) and I wasn't completely surprised when the whole shaved area turned red. We're now several days out and it looks just as bad. She's on Benedryl and I've been using a zinc spray that usually works well on most any sort of skin ailment. No luck with this one.

Anyway... in the process of looking for a new product to try to give her some relief I came across several articles on coconut oil and its many health benefits. Of course, I always end up doing the "super healthy" things for my pets and not for myself... go figure. She's already on a large dose of salmon oil and in general it seems to help her. But I'm going to be adding in daily doses of the coconut oil in addition to applying it topically to her irritated areas. We'll see if and how well it works to provide her some relief.

Now my question: How do you use it? Its solid at room temperature but melts quickly with just body heat. I chipped off a couple of small pieces and rubbed them into the backs of my hands (my worst winter dry skin spots) and they melted in a matter of seconds. But I'm having a hard time deciding how to deal with it for the dogs. Its hard to scrape out and measure it as a solid. I thought about putting a couple of days worth into a small glass mason jar and warming it in hot water before using. If there's an easier way to deal with it I'm open to opinions!

I'm sure in time I should probably try it out for myself. I've read its great to cook with and so far like it as a moisturizer. What else do you use it for?
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