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Hey Guys!

I just ordered my two boys new custom ID tags, they should be here soon. I'm pretty excited to get them. Right now, both cats are wearing cheap-o nylon break away collars. One from Petsmart and one from Target. They do the job just fine, but well, who doesn't like to spoil their pets a bit?

I'd like to get them nicer collars. Probably not leather, something soft but still sturdy. Maybe cotton covered nylon collars? Preferably collars that go well together ( yeah, kind of a nerd here, lol).

Right now these two are my top choices one (for Spencer a cream tabby DSH) two (for Rigby a brown tabby with white markings).

I'm looking at like 10-15 dollars a collar. Anyone have any favorite shops?

(They both are door dashers and 100% need a collar, not up for discussion)

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