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Comfort while gone

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Hello everyone!

I'm a new member and owner of two cats: Thomas and Mortimer. I wanted to post earlier, but I found out about this website lrecently and only just got approved to post, so I'm hoping for some quick tips before I go.

I'm leaving the country for ~5 weeks for an internship and leaving my two boys at home with my family. Last time I left for an extended period (2 weeks), I'm not sure if they just threw up or popped outside the litter box, but they were obviously unhappy. My mother has promise to keep them company, play with them, etc. but I worry about one in particular. Thomas is a bit of a mama's boy and cries when I even go downstairs for breakfast and he can't be there. Does anyone know of ways to comfort them while I'm gone? Even something as simple as sleeping in a shirt that is then mailed back so they have my scent? Or, should we just make them tough it out? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

:blackcat <--- they look just like that! :D Thought it was so cute, I had to use it!
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Mine like to listen to the radio, they curl up beside it :)
I don't think you need to mail a shirt home, just get a few "scented" and put them in a ziplock bag...
Leave a few dirty night clothes or T shirts on their favorite sleeping spots. You COULD leave 5 in ziploc baggies and ask your mom to put a ...fresh.. dirty shirt down each week for them.

That'll keep your scent near them and will provide some comfort. Lots of times when I come home from work I find MOwMOw has pulled my nightshirt off the bedroom doorknob and it has a kitty imprint on it.
Thanks for this thread. I'm going on vacation (Greece) the end of September for ten days and am already missing Ritz!
Can you "skype" home, or what ever it is called: video teleconferencing. So Thomas & Mortimer can see you and you can see them. Or will that totally freak them out :)
I'm thinking of installing a web cam and taking lots of pictures of Ritz. AND, I've made preliminary arrangements to help feed feral cats and do some TNR while I'm in Greece. I will need my cat fix while I'm away.
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