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Concern About Moving With June

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June & I just finished our 1st move which is a temporary one. We are staying with my parents for a couple months until my sister can build her house and move out of the house I am buying from her.
I'm a bit worried about it because my parents have 2 dogs. One is a big, old, red hound type dog named Clifford and the other is a young, odd Heinz-57, medium build dog name Molly (also nicknamed Midge). Neither of these dogs have had contact with a cat before. What scares me is that Molly likes to chase small critters such as squirrels, rabbits, etc. I'm worried that since June is so slow that Molly could potentially hurt her.
Right now June is confined to the bedroom I am staying in. She has her litter box and food and water bowls in here. We've been here about 5 hours and she seems content.
My parents suggest that during the day while I am at home I can let the dogs outside and let June have free roam of the house. I'm afraid of doing that because I know how June likes to hide and I know there are more places to hide then in the house we were just in. And I know the dogs will not want to remain outside all day... especially as it is going to be getting hotter.
Would it be wrong of me to keep her in this room? It's not like in the house we were just in she ever explored. She was either under my bed or on the couch, never just wondering about. But then again I hate the thought of her being forced to be confined to one room for almost 2 months.
I just know that my parents and I would feel horrible if anything happened to her.

(Also, as a side note, I thought we were making progress on the butt-wiping but tonight was another not so great night. :neutral: Boo... maybe that's due to the stress of the move)
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2 months before next move


that's too bad the butt wiping had a setback, but it's probably like you said - a little extra stress from this latest move. setbacks are inevitable every once in a while, so maybe you don't have to be too worried about it. hopefully the next wiping will be better.

as for the dogs, probably best to do the whole slow introduction with them. some people take months to fully introduce cats to dogs or other cats, so although 2 months might feel like an eternity to you, it'll probably work out OK for June. there are lots of threads here on how to do a proper introduction so you can just do a search and follow the advice on those. if you do it slow enough, the dogs are bound to get the idea that June is a resident and NOT prey. you might be lucky enough to have them actually all get along eventually even. then instead of being worried, you might end up being sad that you'll have to leave them in 2 months. if June really likes the dogs, you'll just have to come back and visit so she can see her buddies again.

good luck! the moves will all be over soon! then June can really start settling in at the new house.
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