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Concerned about not eating....

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22 hours ago I picked up my first cat from the Virginia SPCA....I got her as soon as she was brought in and she only spent about 10 minutes in the cages while I talked to an adoption councelor. The former owners took great care of her and she is very clean and she's only 8 months old.

My major concern is that since I brought her home yesterday morning....she has not touched the dry cat food I put out for her. She has drank some water and she has used her box once so all else seems to be going well but I'm starting to get worried since she will not eat.....even when I tried to give her a treat so that she would eat something, she just had no interest in it what so ever.

Is this normal with a cat coming to a new home? She is acting normal in every other way and adjusted to her new home very quickly outside of this one problem.
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It's quite normal for a cat not to eat when it has changed home. Do you feed the cat the same kind of food it ate before it came to you? If not, it may be a good idea to start off with the same kind of food and change it later on if you don't want to keep it, but like I said your cat is quite normal. If she hasn't eaten anything in three days though you should contact a veterinarian just in case, it's not good for a cat to starve longer than three days.
Sounds great that she has started to eat :) No need to worry then.
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