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hello! I’m hopeful to find another cat owner that has a birth defect. I rescued Bill at 2 months old. Brought him home at 2 pounds and he is the sweetest kitten around 4 months I noticed his posture and immediately looked up scoliosis and saw pictures of cats and it didn’t look the same. I made an appointment with my vet and brought him in. The vet never seen it 😖 took X-rays and said a radiologist would call me. I got a call my cat looks fine. WHAT DO YOU MEAN????? My cat is not normal and if he does have congenital spine defect I guess I’m looking for other cat owners with this. It seems like he will have arthritis and how I can keep him pain free. I’m getting steps for my bed because he can’t use his rear legs much he can’t scratch his head with back legs. He runs normal as of now but lays down when he eats :) I love his defect he’s so cute….
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