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I have an older cat (7-15 years old probably) that I got as a rescue 4 years ago. He's wonderful. He's a beautiful cream colored persian and the best personality I could ask for.

He does have a few issues though. He had to get his teeth out last october, 3 weeks before my wedding, which was obviously not what I needed at the time.

3 weeks ago he was throwing up and acting sick so I took him to the vet and he was severely constipated. It all started when my grocery store ran out of his digestive care food so I had to switch to normal food. Thats when the blockage started I think, and then I switched back to his high fiber diet and it got bad then. He had to get an enema, X-rays and blood work. He was on lactulose for about a week but the vet said that the best thing for him is probably to switch to canned cat food to increase the fluids in his diet. Problem: he WILL NOT eat canned food. I had tried over and over even before this issue because I knew it's better for him than dry food.

The compromise the kitty and I have made: I get him canned food WITH GRAVY and then he licks up all the gravy. We both win! now what i have started doing is that I mix it in with a little water and he still likes it! so now he gets his dry food to eat (high fiber) and he gets his fluids too. He has had no issues since and I monitor his litter box and have a bottle of lactulose on hand i notice his stools are getting dry and hard.

I dont know if anyone else has the same problems, but I hope this helps!
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