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I have 2 concerns and I bolded them below. I hope you have some input for me.

My husband and I recently switched out cats diet from 100% dry kibble to 50% dry kibble (with water added) and 50% wet food. They get 2 meals a day and 1 meal is now wet food.
Since our switch to 50% wet food, one cat weights 11lbs and the other weights 10lbs. They are both about 2 lbs overweight each.

At our most recent vet visit, which was before we started our switch to 50% wet food, our vet told us our cats were 1 lb overweight. She told us not to decrease/increase the amount of kibble we are giving them, but rather choose a weight control formula since it would save on calories. That was working wonderfully and they had gone down to almost a perfect weight, until we switched to the 50% wet food diet.

I know that we were giving them way too much wet food and now I am researching the correct amount to give them. Some of you on this site previously recommended sticking to the same calorie count for the wet food as we were giving them for the dry kibble.

The amount we had been giving them for dry kibble was 2 meals of 1/8 cup per cat, per day. That was a total of 1/4 cup of kibble per day. Our dry kibbles averaged out to 40 to 55 calories per serving (1/8 cup).
We still follow that guideline for their first meal of dry kibble, but now we need to adjust the wet food amount to match that.

I think that what is confusing me the most right now is that most literature I am reading is telling me that a 10lbs cat should be getting an average of 200 calories per day, and if I follow the caloric amount that my vet was recommending, my cats were getting 80 to 110 calories per day, and they were still slightly overweight. I am concerned about them not getting enough calories, but at the same time, the lesser amount is making them overweight.

Another thing that is confusing me is that some cans of wet food actually have really low caloric values, but the volume is quite large and I am afraid that might make my cats hungry. For example:

Waruva cats in the kitchen: Funk in the trunk is a 8oz can, and the whole entire can has 95 calories. So technically this should be 2 servings caloric wise. But volume wise (1/8 cup), that would be 4 meals. I know I should go with the caloric value but wont the volume difference make my cats hungry when we give them smaller portions of equal caloric value?

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I'm pretty sure you can't compare volume amounts between wet and dry food, because wet food is generally about 80% moisture, so you need much more volume to get the same nutrient content. On the flip side, kitties who've always been fed dry should lose weight if you switch to all wet or even half wet (grain free), even if you give them much more wet food, volume-wise, because they won't be getting as many carbs.

I never paid any attention to calories - just fed less if they were looking chubby - but I never realized how big a variation there can be between different foods. Weruva does tend to be on the lower side in calories compared to some other brands. Side note: my cans of Weruva (3-oz) have no calorie information. Neither do the cans of Soulistic (same company).

Are you sure that the calorie count was correct for the food your kitties were getting? That seems really low, even for a weight control formula. The general rule for daily caloric intake seems to be around 25-35 cals per pound. My 5-lb. underweight cat needs at least 80 cals/day to maintain her weight, and many people seem to feed one 5-oz. can a day for kitties around 10 lbs. or so.

I hope others will weigh in with more info!
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