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I had trouble swapping my two over.. When I finally found wet food they would actually eat (I went through so many brands), I tried giving them one wet meal and one dry meal a day. Fail. I found that if I put the wet food out and they didn't eat it by their next meal time, I'd replace it with new wet and they started to eat it. Sammy now prefers the wet but Meeka is a dry food junkie. She eats wet when that's all that's there but I give her tiny bit of kibble every few days as a treat now.
The only wet I can get them to eat isn't the quality I'd like them to be on but I'm hoping to eventually be able to change them over to a better quality.

Jett on the other hand came with the dry he was being fed before we adopted him and I tried to feed him that and transition him slowly but he started stealing Sammy and Meeka's wet food and has zero interest in his dry. I went out and bought kitten wet the next day and he'll eat that but he prefers the 'big kid' food.

Good luck getting Banjo onto wet. Don't give up - it can be done. There were many times I thought Meeka would never start eating the wet and it has only been a few weeks but we got there :)
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