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Has anyone heard of a cat with this condition?

my 5 year old male cat, Squeek, has had 4 episodes of coughing up large amounts of blood since 7th august, becoming very distressed, fighting for breath and this week has done it twice, once at home and once overnight at the vets, and was put on oxygen. He survived a general anasthetic on wednesday where they took an x ray.

No-one seems to be able to say what is causing it. He is on antibiotics, a diuretic to drain fluid from the lungs, something to keep the airways open and steroids. Occasionally he is put back on oxygen and one night had morphine.

Tests for cancer and FIV have been negative. I am waiting for another x ray report today but the vet said he thought he saw further lung damage. They don't think its any heart trouble because in between episodes, Squeek is well and eating and not at all lethargic.

He has been kept at the vets all week, and is distressed by this and by his breathing difficulty and by the handling and treatment. We are continuing with it because the vet is exploring all possibilities but is also saying he's never seen it in a cat.

I am hoping that someone out there can give us some information so at least we know whether it is worth putting Squeek and our family through this upsetting time in the hope of a recovery or cure, or not.

Jane, London, England

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Lori, doesn't that sound like a bad case of pneumonia, if the cat were a human being, that is? You know better than I because you're a nurse, but I had a very bad case last year, and had those symptoms. What's puzzling if that it comes and goes.....
My guess is that Ray was teasing. We all make typos--especially me!

I certainly hope Squeek gets well and stays well, Jane!
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