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Hello all. Although Im a fish nerd at heart, I love my aquired kitties.

We live in a cottage directly across the road from a cattle farm, and one of the yard cats befriended us when we moved in about 18mths ago. Heavily pregnant, she gave birth on our sofa 10mths ago to 3 females and 1 male, 2 females of which are no longer with us.

The mother (Gerti - she just looked like a Gerti) has since had a second litter (September i think) in a ditch of all places, of which we have one survivor - Batman. She looks to all the world like she is wearing a perfectly symetrical Batman eye mask. It took me a few weeks to stop laughing at her every time she looked at me. She also chirps like a bird and has anger management issues.

So we have the 3 remaining offspring (at one point we had 9!) - 1 male and 1 female ( Dudley and Maxine) from Gertis first spawn, and Batman from her second.

So i have a pressing matter that i need advice on and hope to see you on the forums once they are unlocked to me. Cheers!
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