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Crafting 'help'

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I've been working on a braided rug. I finally got the braiding done and now I'm TRYING to sew the rug together. MowMow insists on helping me.

"Hey, dis SOFT!"

"Wait, is dat string!?"

"Kk, stop pictures and pet me NAO!"
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Awwwwww, he's so cute.

The rug's pretty too. I like the colours you chose.
The fabric strips are from 3 king sized sheet sets that I bought for 3.00 (total) at a thrift store.
Oh man I'm imaging those colours on a king size bed. :barf:

You did a merciful thing reinventing those sheets.
That would be a nifty rug to use during spring/Easter time!

Since I am going to re-do all the floors with tile, and going to need rugs, maybe I should do this. Best of all, I can customize my colors (and maybe patterns, when I get good at it). Usual colors would be blues and yellows... I could make a few "holiday" rugs like green/gold/red for Christmas, pastels for spring/Easter, red white and blue for July, etc.!

Gee thanks... now I have yet ANOTHER craft I want to work on, which will probably never get done ;) LOL
Well, if you decide to do it. Here was my process,

Rip the sheets into strips and start braiding. I tied the braid to a shelf to hold it steady and backed my way across the room while I braided. When I got to the end of each strip I machine sewed it to the next strip.

THe left picture is the unbraided strips of sheets and the right is the untidy braid.

Then I rolled the braid into a 'yarn' ball to make sewing easier. To sew I used a darning needle as it had to be really sturdy or the needle breaks. I used dental floss as thread for extra strength.

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Oh man I'm imaging those colours on a king size bed. :barf:

You did a merciful thing reinventing those sheets.
***runs and hides the pretty yellow and blue sheets and matching blankets in the spare room ***

Great job Krissy! It will be lovely once your little helper allows you to finish lol. You have to admit though it is so cute when they try to help and divert your attention ha ha ha. I have three little helpers when I am doing my calligraphy - one sits on the paper, one blocks access to the ink jar and the other chases the pen. The fourth cat sits back and supervises from afar....sigh...
MowMow is a handsome boy! Love orange tabbies! I like the rug as well. I have a weakness for rag rugs; have always like them.
I love the rug! What a cool project. You also have quite a photogenic helper :)
my grandmother used to make kitchen rugs out of plasic bags(grocery, bread). They were made in a similar fashion, but yours is much more attractive. Maybe I will find the time to try something like that soon :)
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