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cujo biting kat?!?

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cujo started this thing with biting kat along her back, sides, and sometimes neck or tail. it's very odd... it doesn't seem to be too hard, but sometimes she makes little cries and i break it up immediately. is this a dominance thing? fighting? playing? should i just ignore it?

what are they doing?!?
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sounds like mating rituals to me... I've been known to be wrong, though.
coco & little guy said:
Please, please, please let it be a dominance thing. I don't want **** :shock: cats.
hehe...relax. Same-sex animals often exhibit behavior like this when they're establishing dominance. Ever wonder why a dog "humps" a human's leg? He's trying to establish dominance over that human. He's not practicing beastiality (is that even the right word?). I once saw a female dog "mount" her daughter in a show of dominance.

I'm guessing that's what's going on with Cujo and Kat, but I'll withhold judgment until I hear something from the professionals. I say mating rituals because (I think this is still correct) Kat is still intact. Maybe Cujo senses that?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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