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cujo biting kat?!?

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cujo started this thing with biting kat along her back, sides, and sometimes neck or tail. it's very odd... it doesn't seem to be too hard, but sometimes she makes little cries and i break it up immediately. is this a dominance thing? fighting? playing? should i just ignore it?

what are they doing?!?
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I hope it is not a mating thing. Coco and Wittles take turns doing this type of behavior. I always assumed it was a dominance thing. It usually starts out as play, but then can escalate to getting too rough, and one yelling and calling it off. I saw Wittles the other day be the more dominant (usually not the case). He got Coco yelling really good, we got up and broke it up, and Wittles had a big clump of Coco's fur hanging from his mouth :shock: :? . He jumped up on the sofa arm and was panting hard, eyes all wild, with a wad of his brothers fur just hanging there. It was kind of scary. I just left him alone until he seemed more calm.

Please, please, please let it be a dominance thing. I don't want **** :shock: cats.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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