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Current and Past Fosters

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I think the last foster I updated with was Big Joe. He got adopted to a wonderful family!

Since then, we fostered a momma with 5 kittens (MAN wee ones are a ton of work!)
Unfortunately since the kittens wouldn't sit still for more than .00025 seconds, I couldn't get pics of them. There were 4 girls and 1 boy, and 3 of them went to one home and 2 went to another. Momma went back to the family that gave her up to the rescue. (She was spayed first, of course).
I don't have pics of Jinx (the mommy) on my computer right now, but will try and get some up. She had the striped pattern with splashes of both orange and gray. :)

Then we got Mystic. Very pretty little female who was declawed and put outside to fend for herself. :( Needless to say, she wasn't in the best of shape. She was skin and bones, but despite what she's been through, she's a total sweetie. However, she does NOT do well in the car.... Pukes and poops....
It's hard to get a good picture of her, but here's the best shot I got.

Right now we have Buddha. She was surrendered to the shelter with her sister after their owner passed away. They were scheduled to be euthanized, so the rescue pulled them. Mystic is currently at Petco.
Buddha does not do well at Petco. The first time we brought her in for the Saturday adoption event, she did pretty good and got a lot of attention. Since she was getting so much attention, we left her there for a few days. I went in to check on her on Wednesday, and she wasn't doing well at all. She was in the back of her cage, hissing and growling at anyone who passed by, so I brought her back home.
So today was Petco day again. She sat in her litter box the whole time and didn't look very happy. Went to go pick her up and she was hissing, clawing, biting, etc. She was terrified. She peed and pooped herself, so we had to get her out of there asap.
She clawed me pretty good, and it took a total of 5 people (including me) to get her in a kennel so we could take her back home.
I think she associates the cages at Petco with the stressful environment of being at the shelter.
She's not good with other cats (except for her calico sister).
She's not like that at home, though. She doesn't really care to be handled, but she's a total sweetie and rubs up on us and gives all kinds of lovin's, purring like a motorboat. It was really hard and sad to see her so scared. :(
Here's a couple of pictures of her. She's six years old.

And just because, her 'sister' that was surrendered and pulled with her. I don't remember her name, but she's 10.

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You are so awesome to foster cats. You are making a GIANT difference in their future.
I got choked up seeing the black mommy kitty. How can people be so heartless. I'm so grateful you rescued her.

Your other two fosters are beauties! Nice clear quality photos. It shows how gorgeous these cats are.
I hope they get their forever home soon.

It might help to give them Composure Liquid by vetri science to help them in their stressed out state.
Or CL come in treat form also. I had good success with Feliway plug in dispensers to help calm cats back down also.

I've watch A/W put their dogs up to the cat windows at one of the PetSmart store trying to frighten the cats being displayed there.
There is no supervision of that section of the store. I've jumped the cases of people doing that.
Or kids pounding on the windows. It has to be hard on the cats there.

You'd assume people in a Petco or Petsmart would be compassionate. Its just not the way it is unfortunately.

Keep us the good work.
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Mystic (the skinny black kitty) wasn't the momma. Jinx, the momma cat, had a tabby pattern with both gray and orange. Really pretty little cat. :)

I have to try and get some more pics of Mystic, because that photo does her no justice. She's very long and leggy with a cheeky face and vivid green eyes. Total lovebug. :)

Mystic and Buddha, the black/white cat, are our two fosters. Since her calico sister is doing well at Petco, she's staying there for now. We're going to have to do an in-home adoption with Buddha because of how scared she got last time. If someone were to adopt her, when they went to pet her or if we tried to get her out, her fear reaction could easily be mistaken as aggression. :(

The rescue got the bird room at Petco for adoptions! I think they're sending all of their birds to another store, so since they didn't have any use for the room, the rescue got it so adopters can visit and play with the cat they're interested in. :D

According to the rescue, kitten season came early.
Already have several litters of kittens, a few bottle babies, and two or three pregnant moms. Unfortunately, we don't have the time or space to devote to bottle babies or soon-to-be moms, but here's a photo of the youngest bottle baby.
A little kid was playing in the park when he found this little guy with his littermate in a field. His mom said to leave them there because the mom would come back, but they checked on them again later, and one was dead. They brought in the little guy and he was found by the rescue because she posted an ad asking if anyone had a foster mom they could put him with.
But here he is, the little trooper!
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thank you for fostering!

those pics are great. i hope all your fosters find homes eventually. their stories make me want to adopt every one of them. it's so hard not to do that when we stop by our petsmart out here and go in to visit with the kitties there. they are all so lovable in their own ways. and it does warm my heart to see that a lot of the ones we have felt so badly for have been adopted, too, over time.

we are excited to begin fostering kitties ourselves soon. we're just waiting for a little bit of home renovation to be done so that they don't have to be scared by all the loud noises.
Ah, that little baby has a typical "fever coat". His mom might have had a very hard time during the pregnancy.
You are so awesome for fostering! Heartwarming stories and great pics, too. Mystic is my favorite, though. You can tell by that face that she is going to steal the heart of the people who adopt her.

I saved that picture you posted of that big orange cat a while back. I have never seen a cat that big! Anyways, keep up the great work. My wife and I want to foster once we get our house squared away with a few renovations (like my wife Maggie was saying above). I look forward to reading your next update. :thumb
Thank you for your hard work with the cats. I love them all.
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