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Daisy ripped out 5 claws

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I took her, Frodo, and Lemur to the vet today for their yearly visit. She tore out 5 claws on the metal carrier gate. Stupid luck; the other 2 carriers are canvas, and I managed to put her in the one that would injure her.

She has severe anxiety when confined. She foams at the mouth, howls, vomits, and loses control of her bowels. She was a complete wreck.

The vet gave me a sedative to give her next year before the visit. She also gave her a shot of benadryl today before we left to ease the ride home. She still howled, though.

Her right paw lost 4 claws; her left only lost one. She also scratched her chin; I guess biting at the carrier.

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Thanks for the sympathy! She's doing better today; her paws and mouth aren't bleeding. The vet said the claws will grow back, but I think it will take several months. My greyhound ripped a claw out once, and it took several months.

One good thing about cat claws versus dog claws is that cat claws are retractable, so she doesn't have the exposed nail bed open to the air to keep bleeding and getting hit on things. I don't think it's bothering her too much now.
Tina--I'd thought of letting her run loose in the car next time, but then I don't know how I'd catch her and put her back in a carrier to take her inside? How do you do that?
Thanks all for the replies! Daisy is way too grouchy even on a good day to try to catch and hold when she doesn't want holding, so I guess I won't do the loose-in-the-car thing next year. I'll just rely on the sedatives the vet gave me and hope they work!

Welcome, Dr. Jean!
How I wished we had a vet here who would do house calls!
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