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Dangerous ingredients?

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There's a big sale at Petco, and I can get 20% off my whole purchase. I actually have extra money in my checking account, so I'm gonna go stock up now.

I've been looking at the ingredients of the select foods that are on sale. Halo looks like a decent food...BUT! There's "garlic powder" as the last ingredient. I thought garlic was bad for cats? Since it is the last ingredient (supposedly meaning there's very little of it) and diluted in all the other stuff... is it safe this way?
I've heard you're not supposed to let cats have things with garlic in them, like spaghetti sauce... so why is it in Halo canned food?
Should I not buy Halo? Other than the garlic issue, it seems like it's a rather decent choice. (except I know Paizly will leave all the peas at the bottom of the bowl. She's done it before with another food I bought a while ago that had peas and carrots in it)
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If I fed canned, I would likely use it. My cats eat human treats (pizza, pasta, etc) sometimes that have garlic in them. If you used this in a large rotation I don't see it being a problem.
There are several other kinds I will get, such as Holistic Select, Natural Balance, Nature's Variety, Wellness and Nutro Max & Nutro Natural Choice. So even if I don't get Halo at all, it's not like they'll starve ;)

I will also not get anything with fish in it. I'm probably going to get ones that have fish oil (I think one of the above choices has herring oil), but not actual fish. I've heard it's all bad for cats, not just tuna.
I use Halo's freeze dried treats if that helps. :p Honestly so many pet foods use garlic it isn't even funny. I'm sure it would be fine in that small of a dose.
I didn't get Nature's Variety... even on sale it's out of my budget (tried to stick to under $1 per 5 oz cans).
Holistic Select was $1.62 (sale+coupon), but that was for a big 13 oz can, so I got a few of those.
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