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Hi there! My cat Charlie (domestic medium hair, desexed male, 4 or 5 yo) had a urinary blockage this week. He was at the vets for two nights as it cleared and is now back with us and on the mend. However on his second night at the vets, he got into some of the tubing connected to the catheter and spilled his pee bag all over the cage, and clearly sat in it. His back legs are now incredibly stinky but dry (he isn't still leaking urine). He is attempting to groom himself but he isn't great at it (large cat, 7.5kg) so I was wondering if anyone has any advice for washing out dried-in urine on fur? I bought some cat wipes and some shampoo and attempted to rub it into his leg fur, but neither seemed to do much. We don't own a bath to put him in, and he hates being picked up – given the urinary blockage we are of course trying to make this next week or so as stress free as possible for him also.

Has anyone else had this issue? How did you get the stink out/ how long did it take to go away?

Thanks so much!
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