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*raises hand*

I would imagine that since you're not giving your cat insulin and took him off DM, that you're probably only exacerbating the problem. Until you get his blood sugar under control, he's not going to gain weight very well. Please be aware that right now your cat is highly susceptible to bladder infections because of all the sugar in his system. I don't mean to offend. I hope I haven't. Here's my experience with my sugarcat:

Sabby was diagnosed with diabetes 2 years ago. His symptoms were:
severe weight loss (7 pounds)
dull, matted coat
sticky urine (I once found tons of ants crawling through it because there was so much sugar in it)

We started him out on Humulin L and Purina DM. He has not had a bad reaction to the insulin, so he's still on it. I hated DM. It made his poo smell soooo bad (it's known as the DM BM among sugarcat moms). However, it's the only dry food you should feed a diabetic cat. Anything else has far too many carbohydrates. Carbohydrates will cause your cat's blood sugar to spike and you don't want that in your sugarcat. Before I switched food, Sabby was up to 5 units of insulin twice a day. He had gained back all of the weight he'd lost and I was being told he needed to lose it again. But how do you make a cat lose weight when his diet is so strict already?

Here's what I did to solve his problems:
I took Dr. Jean's advice and switched Sabby to an all-wet diet. I highly recommend Wellness canned. It's made by Old Mother Hubbard. Here's the website: You should be able to find retailers in your area that sell it. If not, a lot of people are able to buy it online. Since it has so few carbs I was able to lower the amount of his insulin to 3 units twice a day. He has also lost 3 pounds in the 3 months he's been on the food.

Talk to your vet about using a different type of insulin. What kind was he on before? What sort of reaction did your cat have? There's several kinds out there. Maybe another kind will work for you.

When you get your cat on an all-wet diet and find a type of insulin that works for you, take your cat in often for fructosamine tests. I took Sabby in weekly for about a month and a half, then monthly for a few months. Now he goes in twice a year. A lot of people have had success doing home monitoring. You can get blood glucose testing monitors at your local drug store. Take blood from his ear to monitor.

Sabby was just in earlier this week for another problem and had his fructosamine done then. He diabetes is currently under "excellent control."

To recap:
Have your vet test for bladder infections. Left unchecked, those will cause your cat to become incontinent.
Switch your cat's food to an all-wet, low-carb diet. Preferably Wellness.
Find a type of insulin that works for your cat. (Maybe Dr. Jean would have some insight here?)
Monitor his blood glucose often.

All that said, I'd like to take a moment to express how grateful I am that you would decide to treat your cat's problem instead of just putting him down. A lot of people wouldn't even consider doing what you are attempting to do. I think it takes a special person. Thank you and good luck.
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