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Hi. This is my first real post. Cracker Jack and I would appreciate any help!

Cracker is an 11 yr old tabby who always had a bit of a sensitive stomach. Over the last few months his diarrhea has gotten bad and we've been working on trying to figure out what causes this. I think we've narrowed it down to the difference between wet and dry california natural chicken and brown rice formulas.

After trying several different diets (added fiber, no chicken, grain free, enzymes etc). We finally found california natural canned chix and brown rice gives him lovely solid poops. :jump

He insists on dry food in the evening, so over the last week, Ive got his diet down to splitting a can of CN with his brother each in the morning and late afternoon, then gets some CN dry in the late evening. No snacks and nothing else. He LOVES dry food. Just a day or 2 after starting this routine, the litter box deposits were solid in the evening and liquid (includes gassy noises) in the morning. If I have the feline digestive system right, that should mean the CN dry is causing him the problem and CN wet is agreeing with him?

I'd really like to nail the exact culprit down so that I can expand his menu. What difference in these 2 products might be causing him the issue with the dry?

If I did my dry matter calculations right, CN wet and dry contain almost the exact same amount of protien (40%). The wet ingredient list starts with Chicken, chicken broth, whole egg, brown rice, herring... the dry list starts with Chicken, chicken meal, brown rice, rice..... is it the egg in the wet that is easier for his system to handle than chicken meal?

Is it the higher level of carbs in the dry that's causing him trouble? When I put him on Natural balance Duck and green pea- grain free (wet and dry) he did terrible, worst diarrhea Ive seen with him. So low grains werent helping him (or the duck or peas were too hard for him to disgest).

He wont let me skip his dry at night completely (if i want to get any sleep at night), but Im going to cut it back severly to see if I can get the morning litter box additions to also be mostly solid.

But i'd like to find some other wet foods that agree with him and maybe a decent quality dry i can give him at night. I need to find the key.

Historically, Ive been feeding a wide range of high quality wet foods including wellness, evo, max cat, natural balance etc, but when this issue popped up, I really tried to limit his menu to try to find the problem. He's a carb cat. He'd knock you down for a corner of your toast, but doesnt really care much about tuna or chicken. (no, he doesnt usually get people food)

I appreciate any advice or direction! I feel we're finally almost there, but need some other cat lovers to help me!

Thanks so much !

Cinnacracker and Cracker Jack
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