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Our cat is 9 and has been out of sorts for the last month. He's lost energy and has developed runny stools and goes often. He's also lost weight as he weighs 3 kg but weighed 3.9kg about 9 months ago.

We've been to the vet today and he says that he has an abnormal tender single loop of gut about 6cm in length and about 12mm in diameter.

He says this could be neoplasia or irritable bowel disease. There isn't any big mass and so it's not a typical cancer that you might expect in a cat older than ours.
He'll want to do standard tests next week, blood, x-ray and ultrasound and if these don't show any other terminal disease he'll send him to a specialist centre where they'll do an exploratory operation and biopsy.

We're not sure we want to put our cat through all this but don't want to lose him if he just has irritable bowel.

Can anyone help please?
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