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Did you choose your cats or did they choose you?

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Did you pick you cat our from a litter, shelter, breeder, or so on or did you cat come to you.

example. Alex was brought home by my ex-wife, he is still here she is gone so I'd chalk that up as he chose me since I didn't pick him out. Snickers showed up under the porch so again she chose us I'd say.

I'm not saying one is better than the other nor that if you picked yours out from a box of kittens that they didn't also choose you. I just want to know if you picked your out or if like me you just all of a sudden had a kitten or cat.

Just out of curiosity if you picked yours out what did you base your choice on?
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I picked Murphy out from a list of 300 cats for adoption at my local SPCA for two reasons -- they said he was affectionate and declawed. I would never have a cat declawed, but at least at that point wanted a declawed cat. They deserve a home too, right?? When we went to meet him, he was purring like a steam engine and was all over us, so we knew the affectionate part was true.
Bob chose my husband. He was sitting on the floor in the shelter's office and Bob kept crawling intothe computer he was working on. Hubby decided that he just had to come home.

Simba, Missy and Miss Baby were dumped at the shelter when they were about 3 weeks old. Hubby was at the shelter and called me to see if we could foster them. They are still here almost 9 years later, so I think they chose us.

Gracie chose my hubby by coming up and sitting on his foot. We had stopped at a friend's house who was fostering him and his siblings when Gracie did this. He is only about 1 month younger than the Simba and the others.

Molly Brown chose my hubby. One evening he was at the shelter meeting with one of the Board members (have you noticed a trend of hubby with the shelter and bringing cats home? that is why he is banned from the shelter) and she showed him a new litter that had come in. When I got there to look at the litter I saw one that was just staring up at Hubby and seemed so fixated on him. she is 4 years later.
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I went to the APL to look at cats last July and I just knew I was going home with one. I didnt know it would be a 7 week old kitten though.

I looked around the cat room. I had a 3 legged black cat jump on me and try to whoo me off my feet. He was quite charming. I liked him alot but he was male. I wanted a female if at all possible. I looked around and saw a pile of 3 kitten sleeping. They were so cute. I was drawn to the orange and white one. I picked her up and she stretched and yawned then buried herself into me. She was uch a lovey little girl. I was hooked. I looked no further. I brought my Mia home that day. :)
I chose Blaze even though he was feral... nine year olds make impulsive decisions, haha. Blacky choose me, she was a semi-feral outside that we began feeding, it took a year before she'd even let me pet her and even longer before she could stand being inside a house at all... it took a lot of effort to win her over, but as I type this she's sleeping on my lap. :D
I chose both my girls. Both were chosen before I even met them in person. My criteria is mainly on the coloring, and gender would be a factor if I have options. I didn't worry about their temperment at all, since both breeds are known to be very affectionate, and their breeders have good reputation on socializing their kittens :)
Oscar: Pure bred Alley Cat, of the tuxedo variety. We sorta chose each other, and stuck with it.

Alice: Pure bred Farm Cat, Tortie with the tortitude. My wife picked her out of a cardboard box.

Truman: Pure bred and registered Ragdoll. We saw his brother on a website, called the breeder and ended up (happily, of course) with Truman.
I say Orry picked me. He was about 8 weeks old when someone found him starving in a laundry chute and took him to our local Humane Society. He was turned in on my birthday. The next day as a birthday gift my husband took me there to pick up a kitty. As I was walking down the hall they were all sleeping except for one. As soon as he saw me he meowed. I was hooked. When I held him he felt so thin but he was purring away and immediately started making his biscuits. Hard part was I had to wait 5 days for him to come home.
Maggie was a 12 week old kitten that had been adopted by another family and turned back into the shelter the day before I went there because she kept jumping into the baby's crib. In the meantime, they had her for 2 weeks and never noticed the severe ear mite infestation that she was so bad that it took 3 months to get all the crud out of her ear canal, they had to do a final cleaning while she was knocked out to get spayed. So, while I can't really say that Maggie picked me, I like to think that she knew there was something better out there for her and acted out so they'd take her back (not that I really think that she can reason that way...but it sounds good :lol:)

Kobi definitely picked me. I was in the shelter working an adoption day with absolutely no intentions of bringing home a kitten. But he grabbed my arm as I walked by his cage and it was over.

Since Holly came from a breeder, I picked her from photos...with the caveat that I had to meet her and she needed an outgoing, brave personality (to deal with Kobi)....which she did.
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My fiance chose his elder cat TC(RIP) from a shelter. She kind of chose him because she jumped up on the gate to the enclosure that the kittens were kept in and reached out to him. He got his other cat, Chinchilla from a crazy cat lady. She was the smallest kitten from a litter. With Peanut, we saw him about a week or two after we had to put TC to sleep, at the local Petsmart. We kept visiting him after that, put in the application to adopt him and then got him towards the end of December.
Both of my cats chose me.
My first one: Is looking out the window and the most beautiful blue eyed cat was staring back at me.
The second cat: I was leaving for midnight shift work on a cold cold night. When I went out the door I tripped over her, Fortunantly I was leaving early. I scooped her up and came inside smiling ear to ear. "Looky what I just found. She was purring loudly and shivering. I quickly set up a saferoom. It was a long night at work. Couldn't wait to get home and play with her.
I chose them. I didn't want any pets at home, I just took home the 3 strays that seemed most miserable in the colony I feed. I just couldn't live with the image of these 3 in my mind all the time, their lonely, scared, love-hungry looks. I now live happy to see them safe, warm and loved all day at home, and they don't waste all my free hours each day having to sit in the street with them to hold and pet them. They're humble, grateful former street cats - with the occasional exception when they'll complain bitterly because how dare I get up from bed to go to work and stop scratching their chins, hehe.
Fat Albert- He picked me. I found him on my birthday in this little trap door kinda thing in a shed I have.

Thunder-Found him in my shed.

Dice and Yoda- My friends cat had kittens and I wanted one. They were going to go to a mean person and I didnt want that to happen. I went to just get dice since I wanted a fluffy black and white kitten. Well yoda wouldnt shut up and kept coming over to me so she came to :)
Pinky chose me, she may be a shelter cat but I had no intentions of adopting a cat at all when I went to look at the cats in the MGM that day. But, she knew I was her owner!
I had both ends of the spectrum. We got Azalia from the ASPCA. We looked at about 30 cats and chose her for her beauty and gentle nature. Egypt we also got from the ASPCA, but she definitely chose us. She marched right up to me and sat on my lap and started head-butting me. She did not jump off my lap until we agreed to take her home.

Lacey I bought from a breeder. I wanted to get a specific breed. Sasha I got from a woman on Craig's List. He had fleas all over him, was super skinny, and kept in a basement with minimal socialization. It was very sad! With him, I think it was just fated that he came to live with us.
We chose Timmy and Pixie. Timmy had been in foster for a while so his foster-mammy made a video about him, we saw it and fell in love! With Pixie we saw a picture of her and my OH loved her but at this point we said we had enough. After 2 months the poor thing was still at the sanctuary, all the other cats around her were rehomed in a few days or weeks but poor Pixie was always left behind, we decided to take her and I'm so glad we did, she's amazing, she seems to bring out the best in the other cats Puss was our first and she kind of picked us, she was hanging around our house when we moved in, the neighbours were feeding her on and off but when she met my OH she decided to move in with us
I like to think Gordon picked me We were looking to get another kittie as company for Timmy (who was, at the time, our only inside cat, Puss being semi-feral). We went to see 2 beautiful tabby kittens that Timmy's foster-mammy was fostering, they were fabulous and while we were playing with them we heard a really insistent meowing coming from the bathroom. She explained that she was working in the vets office and someone handed in a kitten really sick with cat flu and she was looking after him, he was quarantined as he was still quite sick. She brought him out to see us and I immediately knew he was 'my' cat. She put him on my lap, he curled up under my chin and kneaded me and purred for about a half hour. I gave him to my OH to cuddle a few times but he kept climbing back to me and purring. He's still my behbeh
(BTW the 2 tabby girls we were originally there to see found a lovely home together shortly afterwards )
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Seems that a majority of cats I have chooses me.

Starting from my first cat in 1977:
Sam: came to us at the door as a kitten. Went missing and is presumed dead
Boots: came to the door as a kitten. Lived to just shy of 20 years old
Cupcake: (Boots' son) didn't want to leave us when other kittens were given away. Died a few years later :(
Tiger: came to my relative's house but she had dogs and couldn't keep them together so I took her. Put down at 13 years old due to cancer
Monster: orphaned at 4 weeks old, didn't want to leave us. Died at 12 years old
Marshmallow: he (and his mother) were moved into the house because kitten rarely survives late fall and he was born in November. Was put down last year.
Gateway: orphaned, we kept him. Still have him.
Cuddles: Came to us meowing after her mother moved her and her siblings out of the garage. She won't leave me for long.
Nermal: same as Tiger but he prefers to live in the barn
Socks: adopted her on a whim because she looked cute.
basement kitty (unnamed) moved into my house without my knowledge.

So just a few cats that I got from elsewhere. The rest came to us and stayed with us. I've also had many barn cats that were not named, most were feral but comes when I put the food out. They probably came to live in the barn because of easy food for them. And I get cheap pest control =)
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I chose both my girls. Both were chosen before I even met them in person. My criteria is mainly on the coloring, and gender would be a factor if I have options. I didn't worry about their temperment at all, since both breeds are known to be very affectionate, and their breeders have good reputation on socializing their kittens :)
Similar here, mine were chosen for breed, colour and sex. Breeding cats are still chosen the same way, with the added requirement of being from the right lines.

6 of them I didn't meet until picking up from the airport, the breeds personality is quite predictable so no disappointments at all.

Most of my kittens go to other states too, chosen by their owners for colour and sex.
i think our first beloved kitty chose us for each other

can a kitty who's waiting at the rainbow bridge be the one to do the matchmaking? if so, then that's my answer.

we had to say goodbye to her on a Thursday and went to the Humane Society on Friday. we couldn't bear to be without someone to cuddle to remind us of Kitty for another night. we actually went to a petsmart first to see if a kitty we'd seen there a month ago might still be there, because she definitely was a cutie but we weren't ready for another cat at the time. when we got there, she was no longer there but we did meet @7 other kitties. it was a huge disappointment when niether my husband or i felt any connection to any of them, though.

we then braved rush hour traffic on a friday night to go to another shelter. after petsmart, i wasn't expecting to find a match either, but the very first room we went to we found our Angel. she was a little matted and sad looking and had a bad URI, but she crept out of her hole to greet us immediately. headbutted us and purred and gave us love bites. when one of the volunteers walked in Angel scurried back into her hole to hide. as soon as the volunteer left and i came back in, Angel crept back out and continued purring for us. how can you say No to that???? i was in total love. and to top it off the staff told us as we were signing paperwork that she was their longest time resident at the time. she'd waited 2 1/2 years for us to walk through that door! i have no doubt it was meant to be, and i think our first kitty was responsible for us finding each other.
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My previous cat Meme choose me, the girls in the office discovered her hanging around and rescued her.
But even though I didn't come into the office but a couple times a day I named her because of her squeaky meow and she choose me to be her person and she taught me about unconditional love.
Chiquita choose my ex Mercedes, when we moved to our home in 2000 Chiquita was hanging around, at first Mercedes tried to shoo her out of the yard but when that didn't work, she figured she was a stay or a feral and started feeding her and finally got her to come close enough to pet.
We finally brought her into the house, we didn't know the proper introduction techniques so we blew that and as a result her and Samantha were never friends they just tolerated each other.
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