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Differences between gender?

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My Caesar and Cleo are very different in personalities. I think it's because they are different gender.

Caesar is such a boy kitty. :D He plays rough (but always gentle with me. Tries hard not to scratch or bite me hard). He meow is loud and which used to be deeper before he was neutered. He's much bigger then Cleo and is very talkative. He also listens very well. I can call him from the other room and he'll come rite away.

Now Cleo is super girly. She is so gentle in everything she does from eating to playing to sleeping. Always the girl. :lol: She meow in an almost whisper and you might even miss her meow if you weren't paying attention. I know she knows I'm calling her by the changing of her ear but only comes to me if I'm persistent, or when she wants to, or if we make eye contact.

So my question is, are male and female kitties this different?
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lol, your story is funny. I think you do see some gender-specific behaviors, even though of course they're all individuals. My boy kitties enjoy playing rougher with each other than my females, too. They are also more vocal.
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