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I had one of these YEARS ago and have been wishing I could find another one and TA DA! it's at - It's Easy To Create An Indoor Fountain With This Compact, Reliable Pump -

i'm going to put mine in a beautiful cobalt blue bowl i have and put multi-colored marbles in the bottom to keep the fountain in place and "hide" it. But you could also use stones (i think the marbles would be easier to clean).

This thing is SO cool! you can control the height of the water flow by adjusting the length of the tube and go from just a bubbly sort of water surface to an actual spout of water going up.

This is one thing that i'm going to get NOW (instead of waiting for the kittens this fall) and put it on a living room table :)

i am SO excited to find this!! i hope it helps somebody else! will send pix when i have it put together :)

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