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Does anyone supplement this for their FLUTD cat? Mine had strutvite crystals.

I do not want to feed him the prescription crap from my vet. He was an all dry Natural Balance eater until his blockage. He ended up having a P/U surgery on 4/30 because he kept blocking. It's been nearly 3 weeks since then, and he is on the med and eating regularly with no litter box issues.

We have him switched to wet food only, though he is picky. His favorite is Wellness, it must be something about the texture. He wouldn't touch Evo. He will eat Innova , but I only give him it once a week (for having a variety that isn't Wellness) because the 6th ingredient is Herring (though it does have DL-Methionine in it).

Now that he is over initial recovery, we need to focus on keeping him acidic.

I have read about supplementing DL-Methionine in small amounts (1/16 in wet food per day?). I was just curious if anyone here does it, advice for starting out, other recommendations, etc.

Does your vet support it? Mine seems keen on Royal SO.

I do have PH paper, now that he has had P/U surgery, I have to catch him during.. before, I could just swipe a strand on him right after he went.
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