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Do all boys stink?

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I LOVE my boy cats Frodo (2 years) and Xander (5 months). But they stink like musty old possum! Not bad unless you snuffle up right against their fur. I'm thinking this is a natural male musk of some kind? It's most noticeable around their heads. Anyone else know?

We gave Frodo and his sister baths as kittens b/c they reeked, but haven't bathed any of them since. Xander has never had a bath. Our 2 females aren't stinky like this. Frodo is neutered, but Xander won't be neutered for another months or so.

I'm not a fan of cat baths, so we probably won't bother unless it really gets out of hand, but I wonder how common this is.
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Update--I've been switching their food and they are stinking less, thank goodness! I had a bag of Canidae that I got on vacation, they did wonderfully on it, no more diarrhea, no more puking--but then I couldn't find it around here so I bought Nutro Natural Choice Weight Control instead (b/c they're all roly-poly). They are doing well on it so far but it's only been a couple days. We'll see! It's got to be better than those corn chips that pass for Purina cat food!! :lol:
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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