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Do you ever see your cats crying?

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Last night the fire siren in my condo building was on. Its the first time I heard it, so are my cats. The sound is very loud and high-pitched, and my girls froze in fear. Which is a good thing for me because I can quickly grab them and stuff them into the carrier ;-)

So, I took them to the lobby, where the fire truck already arrived (talk about efficiency!). Stayed there (with many ppl) for almost an hour. The siren was on during the whole time. At the beginning, I can see Meatball visibly trembling (she calmed down after a while). Metoo buried her face in the blanket I left in the carrier. Poor girls... They both looked up at me (my carrier is both front load and top load) from time to time. And I SWEAR they were crying! :yikes No visible tear drops but their eyes were definitely watery and glimmer under the light. And you can actually see the panic in their eyes. Big, big surprise to me... Do you ever see your cats crying?

PS: those two brats... They act like fearless lion queen at home, yet when there is a small incident, they are so fearful and helpless...:lol:
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Yes...Kobi can be a real jerk at times and will often beat on Holly. She panics and runs to hide from him....usually behind the couch. A few minutes later she will come out and seek mama for some cuddles and comfort. She almost always has two big tears in the corner of her eyes.
Arrr... Poor, poor Holly... Sad and adorable at the same time :D
I imagine the loud high pitch sound was actually painful to your cats ears, I would have tried to cover their carrier with a thick blanket to absorb some of the sound or gotten them further away from the source of the noise.
The siren sounds distance from lobby, so not bad at all, but you can hear it. My guess is they don't have it on the groud floor. It IS very loud. Even my ears feel hurt...
Zenobi, my beloved rescue (otb), who I'm sure had been abused, used to cry in her sleep (no tears) when I first brought her home. Whether she was dreaming of what she'd had to put up with, or if it was pain from the cancer she was finally diagnosed with, I don't know.
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