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Do your cats talk?

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Ollie is definitely a talker. He meows like any cat, but then he also has these distinctive sounds he makes, one is kind of chirpy almost like a squirrel or something and then he does this kind of throaty sound that really sounds like he is trying to make words. Sometimes you can even hear the question mark at the end. I was fixing their plates of canned food one morning and he nudged my arm and I swear it sounded like he said "I want some". LOL. Miley is a lot less vocal and I haven't heard this from her, just meows. She's sweet and cuddly too, just not quite as outgoing as her brother.
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I have two Ragdolls, cats that are described as 'not very vocal'. Clearly mine are faulty, then! Evie, in particular, never stops talking. She talks, shouts, whispers, moans, trills... She sounds like she says 'yes' all the time. Mitzi is slightly less vocal, but talks much more than your average cat. She is a big moaner and frequently does the low pitched throaty noise- this morning infact! They both make noises in their sleep too. There is no peace with these two around. :)
Do your cats talk?
A better question is "do my cats ever shut up?"
My black cat Nubey was quite a talker. He'd run up to me, and ask me to pet him and this would happen quite often. His meows were like trills & chirps. He wasn't a Maine **** cat though. My grandma had to put him down a few months ago, and I have to say that he was quite friendly. He loved giving kisses and hugs. He loved licking me and I loved it too.
My cats are not talkers. Meatball likes to express her happiness by trills and purrs, and she only chirps once or twice a day. Metoo talks a bit more, but no more than 5-6 meows a day.

I do appreciate it a lot. I don't like talkative cats, or men, or women :lol: And when my cats talk, they are asking for something, seriously. Either they are stuck in the closet, or they are starving of affection, or they want to play. If they talk a lot, I won't be able to tell when I should pay attention or ignore :)
A better question is "do my cats ever shut up?"
Twice lately I felt like Prince was trying to speak words, but of course I dismissed it as my imagination. In any case, it didn't come out as words at all. But he did seem like he was trying to move his tongue to make words. Once we were going into the elevator and he was afraid I'd leave him behind, as usual, so as he rushed into the elevator he seemed like he was trying to imitate my usual "vamos" (Eng. "let's go"), which I say about 100 times a day every day, as if he meant "wait for me, I'm coming too". There was another time he seemed like he was trying to imitate my words, but I don't remember the context. People have mentioned to me that Prince is extraordinarily good at learning ways to communicate with humans. He's also the one who scratches my cheek to ask for cheek scratching, and he imitates my hand movements so well I'm always surprised. But I don't know very much about cats or animals in general, so I don't know if all this is unusual or not.

The question mark intonation at the end is very frequent in Prince (when he's asking to go out or for a treat). I hadn't thought that this wasn't a normal thing in animals... Now that you mention it, maybe it's unusual...

My other cats don't do these things at all, but then again Prince didn't do them either when he'd only been months with me. Lady Nikita is just starting to make sounds now after 3 months (as a stray, she used to be almost sound-less) and Princess Gatita has only lately started to ask for things vocally.
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We have a very talkative Maine ****. I know, MC's are supposed to have this tiny voice with mostly chirps. Our Wile E is the most talkative, most expressive, loudest cat I've ever come across. He chirps like a normal MC but the volume is turned way up. His chirps are only a small part of his vocabulary. It sounds like he is trying to speak in full sentences with questions, statements, demands, etc...
My cat, mr clyde's was a very vocal guy.....but he left it up to me to figure out what he was saying to me.........sometimes I think like everyone else, he just liked to be heard.......
Blaze has a huge vocal range, we can have "conversations"... I say something, he says something... yes, he meows a lot over anything and everything.

Blacky meows for certain things, she'll meow at the bottom on the stairs to see if anyone is upstairs, she'll often meow when entering a room we're in (a greeting), she'll chirp when jumping on the bed or when I wake her from sleep, she'll meow for dinner sometimes to get our attention, and she'll meow when she's upset or mad... that's about it. Nothing constant, which I think is good, especially since her meow is so raspy.
Graybee, RoundFace, and Ella are all chatty cats. Ella is so talkative that even in her
sleep she meows a lot. I always wonder what she is dreaming about! Ella and RoundFace
always greet me with meows even if they just saw me minutes before in another part of the house.
I have 2 talkers:

Lacey and Egypt. They are always making demands or simply telling us about something interesting, their day, etc.

The other 2 cats, in turn, are pretty quiet :)
two siamese so yeah. but i think it rubbed off on the black one, because now she has this habit of, "meow . . . meow . . . meow . . ." you know, like when you run out of cat treats? they just nag and nag and nag. except this is my own fault because she was losing too much weight (hyperthyroidism) and even though her thyroid is stabilized, her appetite just isn't what it should be, so i started augmenting her food with meat baby food. i don't resent giving it to her, except that I AM NOT ALLOWED TO MOVE in the morning until i give it to her lol. not even my coffee. if i get out of bed and touch the refrigerator, it better be for baby food. and baci caught on so he has to have a taste, too. he will mostly settle for that mixed with vaseline (hairball prevention) but he looks so hilarious eating it. i put it on my finger for diotima but baci chomped my finger so i found an old pair of wooden chopsticks and hold it out to him and he's like "om nom nom nom," and shuts his eyes. i have no idea why he makes a face but it's funny.

i was tempted to try to teach them to talk after i saw those videos of "i love you," and "ma ma," then i thought, "nah, i'm bored sometimes but not that bored."

baci does a weird thing my first siamese used to do: he will get in the bathtub and howl because it sounds louder. i know that sounds ridiculous, but i caught both of them in the act and they kind of slunk away like they were embarrassed. ("listen to me, 'oooowoooo, oooowoo, ooowooo, i sound so good, oh no she caught me. i'm going to act like nothing happened.") and baci also does this thing in the middle of the night where he goes over by the window with a toy and hollers. i thought he had stopped doing it but he did it again last night, and when i call him, he comes over to my bed with it in his mouth, still meowing. i think he probably just wants attention (until he learns to write, i think he's going to find i miss a lot of his requests), it's just weird.
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Squeek has an opinion about everything and tries to let me know it, I just don't always understand. She's always 'talking' with her trills and peeps. Lickorish is also vocal, but its more like barking orders- 'mrrraw!' and she has her own version of trills, but different than Squeek's. and leave them alone? then you have the howling from Lickorish or the gut-wrenching crying from Squeek.
my Modra talks a lot, she is using a combination of voice and body language signals to make me understand what she actually wants to say. I find the tail talk fascinating. Also the way she looks at me sometimes is full of expression and meaning. It takes a while to understand this language and I'm still a beginner, but getting there.
Sheila, neighbour's cat is less vocal and more gestural.

An example of "talk" between the two of them while crossing the road speaks volumes. No "word" had been exchanged, only body language. See what you can make of it:
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People have mentioned to me that Prince is extraordinarily good at learning ways to communicate with humans. He's also the one who scratches my cheek to ask for cheek scratching, and he imitates my hand movements so well I'm always surprised.

The question mark intonation at the end is very frequent in Prince (when he's asking to go out or for a treat). I hadn't thought that this wasn't a normal thing in animals... Now that you mention it, maybe it's unusual...
How clever!
A Chorus Line...


Funny that I came across this post just now... As Chipcat-Filou is being talkative...

Yes, my cats talk!

Especially Chipcat-Filou, she is an Ocicat.

She will talk to my other cats, such as when she wants to cuddle with one of them, she will approach the cat and meow in a specific way, always the same...and then will head bump and lay with said cat.

Chipcat-Filou is also the 'food ambassador'...
When i'm a little late with the feeding schedule, she will come to me and rub on my legs, hands and meow until I get to it and feed them!
The meow she uses in this case is NOT one that can be ignored, so she knows if she does it, the food will come very soon!

She also has a special greeting for me when I come back home; she will stand on her hind legs and gently touch me with her front paws, emitting a wide range of sounds.

She also makes this very cute sound when she is looking at birds thru the window, she makes a ''chipping''sound, (hence the name), almost like she is imitating the birds...

She also cannot stand me being in the shower with the bathroom door closed, if I do that, she will meow loudly (but I mean loudly) at the door until I let her in.
Time at which she will hop in/stand inside the tub and watch me shower, she is not afraid of water either (tho unlike Airell, she will not get in the tub for a swim, she only likes showers...)

Chipcat-Filou also warns me if anything unusual happens in the house...such as if one of my cats opened the fridge door and are in there helping themselves, or if a cat is in the food pantry and is making a mess ( I had to get these child-proof locks on both fridge and pantry doors since my cats figured out how to open them, but I sometimes forget to use them...), and when my phone rings, time at which she will locate the phone, paw at it and meow even louder than the phone...perhaps she dislikes my ringtones?

Chipcat-Filou also warns me when a feral/stray friend is at the back patio, time at which she will stand on the ledge and meow loudly to call me over to greet our outdoor friend!

My other cat who talks is Elphin, he is a rescued cat from my alley.
Elphin meows loudly to greet me when I get home, he also has this cute little ''jumping dance'' he does to greet me.
Also whenever I open the fridge... Elphin knows there is always a little treat for him in there...
Elphin also meows and runs around the house like crazy when he or another cat has visited the litterbox and I need to remove something from there... What a clean cat!

The rest of my 'tribe' are not that vocal, of course, they will all meow at feeding time, but asides from that, they are pretty quiet.

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A better question is "do my cats ever shut up?"
^^ this. this Oh so definitely this.

My heart Kitty Sherbert could distinctively mimic the words "out" "now" "why?" and "no" in any combination while standing at the front door when he was being a brat. Occasionally he would stand at the fridge and repeat the word "milk" until you caved in.
our departed sylvie cat was the alfa queen of the house, you could hold half hour conversations with her, some meows but mainly a chattering series of chirps,, how is the queen today? chirp chirp chatter chatter, were the other cats good today? chirp chirp chatter moew.. was tinker good? meow.. we never new how special she was so we never record this...
Ugh, I wish MowMow would make up his mind. Originally he spoke English and that was great but now he's moved on to German and French. I keep asking him to at least TRY out Hungarian so I could understand him but he just ignores me. I guess eventually he'll hit a language where I can converse with him.

I told him he better pick ONE and stick to it before he starts Harvard in the fall or the other cats will think he's a snobby know it all.
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